Each of our creation bears witness to the love of manual labor: our reality is handcrafted at every stage of production. This untreaceable knowledge, in a scenario where the mass production took over, guarantees uniqueness and inimitable quality. Each model comes out of the manufacture unique and different from everyone else, because the manual work shapes the construction.

Every product is synonymous with craftsmanship, workmanship, meticulous attention to every detail of his work, respect for tradition in the finishing techniques, meticulous material selection. Siral cares with extreme accuracy even the smallest detail, all applications are lost wax bronze castings. Wooden carvings are handmade. Siral carefully choose materials. Every single piece is transformed into an artistic element that can give elegance to any room, capable of evoking through the unprecedented combination of colors and forms memories of distant images.



Our products are the result of meticulous research characterized by quality and refinement, made ​​of wood, bronze and precious fabrics, with extreme attention to details. Siral products are the result of meticulous research characterized by quality and refinement, made ​​with selected wood, bronze and precious fabrics, with extreme attention to every detail. Accurate details and finishes, analysis and verification of scales and proportions of the parts and the color combinations combined in processes that are developed on the basis of manual drawings.

Our brand is the soul of craftsmanship. Siral is the keeper of a tradition of cabinet-making, rooted in several decades, and itproduces carvings and inlays of the highest quality and originality. Our quality causes the pieces from leaving the processing certainly not perfectly identical, because craftsmanship is synonymous of variations, although sometimes minimum, but that guarantee the absence of any seriality, because the creation process is not done by the machines but merely by hands. Every client will then be in possession of a unique and inimitable objet d'art.